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Matching ambitions.

Sharing experiences. 

Engaging valuable connections.

All future Events are cancelled pending further notice

About FAST Network

What is FAST Network?

Est. 2014.

FAST Network is a non-profit organisation based in Denmark that connects ambitious people of equal mindsets. Our Members represent great professional diversity with common social interests. We gather and facilitate inspiring people with a growth mindset, a contributing nature, and immersive and collaborating intention. 


With our Events, we look to enable a break in busy lives, and create exciting events all over Europe; stimulating business senses, new ideas, introducing inspiring discussions and Speakers, and facilitating social networking for successful connections that go beyond the events.



Countries visited






How to Join?

Only one way in - reach out to a current Member.


Guests must be recommended by a current Member of FAST Network.

Once recommended, you will be able to buy a ticket to join us for the next Event.


Memberships are free and selectively offered to guests following each Event.

Past Events


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